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Press Coverage – Jos Schnurer: Review of the book "Die Universität im 21. Jahrhundert". 25.01.2013. (in German) – Hannes Klöpper: Was die moderne Uni ausmacht. Ein gutes Studium prägt ein Weltbild. 24.01.2013. (in German)

University Journal – The University of the Future. January-March 2013, S. 6 et seqq. (in German) – Ole Hilgert: Start-up im Reitburschenhaus. (in German) – Svenja Üing. Notebook, smart phone, WiFi - Digital media have long ago found their way into students' daily routine. But how much are schools and high-schools involved? 05.12.2012. (in German)

Haufe – Using "Massive Open Online Courses" for Enterprises. 04.12.2012. (in German)

Wired Academic – Paul Glader: Online Educa: MOOC-Bubble, MOOC-tastic or MOOC-agnostic? 30.11.2012.

Collaboratory – Sebastian Haselbeck: Interim Workshop of the Initiative "Learning in the Digital Society". 26.11.2012. (in German)

The Irish Times – Pamela Newenham: Undergraduate summit gets underway. 07.11.2012.

The Irish Times – Pamela Newenham: Bright sparks to make Dublin summit a 'Davos for students'. 05.11.2012.

Wirtschaft und Beruf – Wirtschaft und Beruf - Jonas Liepmann: Open Courses - Revolution in the Education Market and Opportunity for Enterprises. 11-12.2012, issue 64. (in German)

profund – profund - Das Magazin der Gründungsförderung an der Freien Universität Berlin. iversity GmbH - Das Online-Netzwerk für Forschung, Lehre und Studium. November 2012, S. 62. (in German)

BetaKit – Charmaine Li: Taking On Lore and Edmodo, iversity Hits 50,000 Users for Education Social Network. 26.10.2012. – Daniela Leistikow: Harvard for everyone. 24.08.2012. (in German)

Deutschlandradio Kultur – Philip Banse: Storming of the Ivory Tower. How iPad, YouTube, and the Internet are changing science. 10.05.2012. (in German)

med.dent.magazin – The implications of the latest prognosis that enrollment numbers will permanently remain high. Reimagining higher education for the 21st century. March 2012. p. 14. (in German)

Radio 96 8 Bonn – Hendrik Erz: iTunesU suffers from a slow start. 22.03.2012. (in German)

Zeit Online – Johannes Schneider: The Internet can only add to the lecture hall. 15.03.2012 (in German, also published in Der Tagesspiegel)

Unicum – Andreas Monning: e-learning platform iversity: perfectly connected. 05.03.2012. (in German)

Inspiración digital – Roser Amills Bibiloni: iversity | Plataforma de colaboración académica en castellano y portugués. 27.02.2012. (in Spanish)

betahaus Berlin – The Future of Learning, for the Love of Learning. Salon #3. 24.02.2012.

Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung – Media monitor 10. Digitalisation and Education on the Net. 23.02.2012. (in German)

dpa – Kristin Kruthaup: Studying 2.0. How e-learning changes everyday university life. 20.02.2012.

fudder – Fabien Vögtle: Campus Online: Old, but active. 15.02.2012. (in German)

social foresight network – Willi Schroll: Rethinking schools and learning in the 21st century (2). 15.02.2012.

social foresight network – Willi Schroll: Rethinking schools and learning in the 21st century (1). 14.02.2012.

Weiterbildungsblog – Weiterbildungsblog – Jochen Robes: 4 Start-Ups Are Offering Free Online Courses. 10.02.2012. (in German)

Inside Higher Ed – Audrey Watters: A Look at A(nother) LMS Startup: iversity. 08.02.2012.

Pecha Kucha Berlin – Hannes Klöpper: The University in the 21st Century. 07.02.2012

Kurier – Axel Beer: The vision of a global university. Berlin Startup iversity wants students and instructors from all over the world to connect and to earn some money while at it. 07.02.2012. (in German)

Enquete-Kommision Internet und digitale Gesellschaft Blog – Hannes Klöpper: Out of the lecture halls and into the Net. 06.02.2012. (in German)

netzwertig – Martin Weigert: iversity beugt Copycat-Vorwürfen vor. 01.02.2012.

Didacta — Didacta – Kaja Godart: One for all. iversity is a new online platform, a digital campus to connect across higher education institutions. Nr. 1/2012. pp. 134-136. (in German)

foerderland – "iversity is already being used at more than 100 universities in dozens of countries". Interview with founder Hannes Klöpper. 30.01.2012. (in German)

The Huffington Post — Hannes Klöpper: Let's Make the Human Right to Education a Reality -- A Call to Keyboards. 29.01.2012.

foerderland — Open education and the opportunities for entrepreneurs. 27.01.2012. (in German)

zitty — A Markus Gehann: The Campus of the Future. Nr. 3, 2012. 26.01.2012. pp. 55-56 (in German)

Gründerszene — Kersten A. Riechers: Gründerszene Today. Carta comes back, Iversity congratulates competitor, Linguee plans subscription model. 26.01.2012. (in German)

netzwertig — Martin Weigert: There is more than just Soundcloud, Wooga and Amen: 15 hot Startups from Berlin. 25.01.2012. (in German)

DRadio Wissen — Everywhere, Facebook-Imitations are being created. 12.01.2012.

verbundjournal – Beatrice Lugger — Neue Netzwerke der Wissenschaft. Forscher nutzen zunehmend die Möglichkeit des Web 2.0 zum wissenschaftlichen Austausch. Nr. 88, Dezember 2011, S. 6-10.

The European Circle — RED: iversity – The global digital campus. New online platform facilitates student life. 29.12.2011.

Die Welt — Anne Onken: Exchange without borders. The learning platform iversity connects researchers and students around the world. Karrierewelt, 23./27.12.2011, S. 8. (in German)

SciLogs · Quantensprung – Beatrice Lugger — New Networks of science. 22.12.2011. (in German)

VentureVillage — iversity diversifies. 05.12.2011.

Projekt Zukunft — Zuse's Grandson. Interview with iversity-founder Jonas Liepmann. 1.12.2011.

Basta — Ivy League for everyone – iversity launches Open Courses. Nr. 675, 29.11.2011, p. 7. (in German)

netzwertig Martin Weigert: Those are Europe's Startups and Investors of the year. 18.11.2011. (in German)

TedXJacobsUniversity — Hannes Klöpper: The University at the Dawn of the Digital Age. 17.11.2011. — Sarah Breuer talks to iversity-founder Hannes Klöpper. 17.11.2011.

campus • leben — Felix Moniac: „iversity“ - The Digital Campus. 11.11.2011 (in German)

Die ZEIT — Stefan Kesselhut: Facebook for Researchers. A Student from Berlin wants universities to network via his online-platform. 10.11.2011, No. 46, p. 75. (in German) kompakt – Student at Humboldt Universität builds digital campus. Winter Term 2011/2012, p. 49. (in German)

In Kuerze – P. Ihrler: E-Learning becomes more personalised. pp. 25-27. (in German)

B.I.T. Online – Wolfram Horstmann, Hermann Kronenberg, Karl Wilhelm Neubauer: Connected Sciences. Effective research with new tools. Vol. 14, Nr. 4/2011, pp. 354-362. (in German)

European Network for Improving Research and Development in Educational Leadership and Management – What's happening in … Germany? November 2011. pp. 13-14.

Uni-Frizz – First Social Network for Universities. Uni + Facebook = iversity. Wintersemester 2011/12, S. 4.

eLearningTipps – Digital Campus iversity delights E-Learning Industry.

Campus Technology – Dian Schaffhauser: New LMS Promotes Cross-Institutional Work. 01.11.2011.

Deutsche Welle – iversity - виртуальный кампус с интерактивным характером. 21.10.2011. translated by Natalia Korolewa (in Russian).

SWR 2 – Kristina Hortenbach: The digital campus now online 26.10.2011 (in German).

Wwwhat's New? – Rebeca Polo: Entrevista a los responsables de iversity, red de colaboración global para fines académicos. 18.10.2011. (in Spanish)

Berliner Zeitung – Anne Vorbringer: Lively exchange replaces data graveyard. Nr. 242, 17.10.2011. Semesterstart, S. 4.

Radio Fritz – Trackback – Interview with founder Jonas Liepmann. 15.10.2011. (in German)

Virtuelle Hochschule – Cross-institutional learning platform iversity. 12.10.2011.

Puzzling Knowledge – Thomas Bröker: eduCloud or just another social network? 12.10.2011.

Gründerszene – iversity brings social media to the universities. Jonas Liepmann and Hannes Klöpper explain the network for the academic sector (Video in German). 12.10.2011.

Rheinische Post – Kerstin Artz: Students move on to the digital world. 11.10.2011, p. B8.

Financial Times Deutschland – Seen at… interview with Hannes Klöpper iversity’s managing director. 07.10.-09.10.2011, p. 15.

cogniRADIO/ – Klaus Martin Höfer interviews iversity-founder Jonas Liepmann. 7.10.2011 (in German).

Internet World Business – Susanne Vieser: Networked learning. iversity facilitates the collaboration of professors, students and researchers. 4.10.2011, No. 20/2011, p. 6.

University World News — Geoff Maslen: Launch of digital campus network. 02.10.2011

WWWhats new — Rebeca Polo: Ya está abierto el acceso a la web académica iversity. 29.09.2011. (in Spanisch)

Netzwertig — Martin Weigert: New Campus Platform Replaces “PDF-Graveyards” of University Websites. 28.09.2011. (in German)

Berliner Zeitung — Sven Jüngerkes: Studying in the Cloud. , 28.09.2011, Nr. 227, S. 29. (in German)

Tech Europe Blog, Wall Street Journal — Ben Rooney: Berlin's 30-Second Start-Up Pitches. Sep 27, 2011.

Das Geschichts-Magazin – iversity – University to take away. 26.09.2011.

Pflichtlektüre – Yvonne Grote-Kus: University in the web 2.0 era. 26.09.2011.

Deutschlandradio — Social Müdia? – „Don't believe the hype!“. 24.09.2011. (in German)

Deutsche Welle — Interview with iversity-founders Jonas Liepmann und Hannes Klöpper (in German). 17.09.2011.

Campus radio Stuttgart (in German) – Interview with founder Jonas Liepmann. 16.09.2011. (Download MP3)

CT. Campusradio Bochum – Dana Zimmermann: Scientific Collaboration beyond German borders. 14.09.2011. (in German) (Download MP3)

DIE ZEIT / Der Tagesspiegel — Nik Afanasjew: Academic Exchange across Borders. 12.09.2011, Jg. 67, Nr. 21.094, p. 18. (in German)

checkpoint elearning — Platform for eLearning and eScience in Europe. September 2011. (in German)

Young Germany — New online platform to support students and lecturers. 08.09.2011.

Köln Campus – Torben Beckmann interviews iversity-founder Jonas Liepmann. 06.09.2011 (in German) (Download MP3)

Science | Business – Berlin-based start-up gets €1.1M to set up digital campus. 31.08.2011.

WWWhat'snew — Rebeca Polo: iversity - la web académica de la era digital. Aplicaciones, Marketing y Noticias en la Web. 29.08.2011.

Edukwest — Kirsten Winkler: iversity raises $1.6 million - Wants to bring Campus Experience Online. 29.08.2011.

Silicon Republic — Sorcha Corcoran: Digital campus project iversity gets $1.6m in VC. 29.08.2011

FinSMEs — iversity Completes over $2M Financing Round. 11.08.2011.

Institut für Technikfolgenabschätzung; Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften — Michael Nentwich, René König: Science and Social Network Sites. Januar 2011. (in German)

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Der Schockwellenreiter — Jörg Kantel: Jörg Kantel: online platform for science and research. 03.08.2010. (in German)

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Grundfragen Multimedialen Lehrens und Lernens. E-Kooperationen und E-Praxis — Jonas Liepmann; Miika Blinn: iversity – cross-institutional platform for research, teaching and praxis. In: Nicolas Apostolopoulos; Ulrike Mußmann; Klaus Rebensburg; Andreas Schwill; Franziska Wulschke (Hg.), Münster 2010, S. 302-314. (in German) — Andreas Sebayang: Analogous Twittering in Betahaus. A place for digital nomads. 05.08.2009.